Tuscany ’99


a long long time ago in 1999 we went on a week long study trip to Tuscany to practice architectural sketching. with the help of 150 liters of wine on the bus (as per professor’s demand – though it was gone in the first three days) we produced an envious amount of pretty decent drawings considering all the circumstances…

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Crochet Headphones

headphonesA1Remember all those headphones you had to throw away cause they were just unbearable to use after the spongy cover got torn and fell off?
Wisdom comes with age I guess and a colleague got a brilliant idea how to put my crocheting skills to some practical use… Continue reading

On Material

“Life today is bewildering. We have no picture of it which is all-inclusive, such as former times may have had. We have to make a choice between concepts of great diversity. And as a common ground is wanting, we are baffled by them. Continue reading