Pastel de Nata trip

nataDuring my 6 day trip through Portugal I set myself  goal to have at least one Pastel de Nata per day.  That was after the first day when I had 5, my Portugeese friends pronounced me insane and my heart started to notice increase of sugar (or some other egg related substance) in my system. It’s a small custard cream tart that just melts in your mouth and since I tried the first one during my first visit in Lisbon, I stand by the belief it is the best sweet to go with a coffee (well, somewhere close to baklava anyways).

Here are my 15 Natas in 6 days as they were published on my Facebook during the trip:

pastel de nata #1
and so begins the rest of my life (or at least the next few days)

pastel de nata #2

pastel de nata #3
@ Café A Brasileira

pastel de nata #4
by now starting to feel elevated heart beat. or that might be just the intense rythm of the drums…

pastel de nata# 5
now try to sleep after this…

pastel de nata #6
moving south…

pastel de nata #7
well not really. the only alternative available in Alentejo was a cheese cake… no chance i would know how to write the name in portugeese.. a very good alternative though..

pastel de nata #8
back to the real one, Coimbra style.

pastel de nata #9

pastel de nata #10
feeling fado

pastel de nata #11
Porto style with cinnamon

pastel de nata #12
nata da musica

pastel de nata #13
oh it was the vertigo that made me dizzy…

pastel de nata #14
mini nata

pastel de nata #15
natas no more

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