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Another Kind of Shoe Lace

Žiri – a small town on the southern edge of the Alps is mostly known for two things: shoemaking and bobbin. The two motifs have been the core idea of the installation in the entry hall of the town’s theater to celebrate the local cultural society’s 60th anniversary.

Instead of presenting some traditional lace pattern, the image of the Žiri’s landscape has been used to illustrate the nearby hills and rivers that run through the valley. The lace screen inside of the arched wall has been hand made from rope in bobbin lace technique. Wooden shoe lasts are hanging from the arched part of the lace like beech masts which are believed to contribute to the town’s name. The lasts have been donated by five most known local shoe makers and the shoe company Alpina. The wall behind the lace is covered with the large photography of the town and its surroundings.

Manca Ahlin (author of the installation)
Ana Ahlin Janša (manufacturing support)
Tanja Mlinar (photo at the background of the installation)

size: 2m x 2.7m (6.5′ x 9′)
material: 360m (1200′) rope, 54 steel anchors
location: DPD Svoboda Žiri, Trg Svobode 8, Žiri

photo credits:
Tanja Mlinar (2, 3, 5, 6, 7)
Manca Ahlin (1, 4, 8)