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The Solar Corona is the extended outer layer of the Sun’s atmosphere. It extends millions of kilometres into space, has a temperature of approximately two million kelvins, yet it is 10 billion times less dense than the atmosphere of the Earth at sea level. It is million times less bright than the inner part of the sun so we can only see it during solar eclipse.

Corona speaks of the solar energy and the importance of using primarily renevable sources of energy. Ever more now in the digital age where we rely solely on digital information in all aspects of our lives – especially communication. The reused fiber optic cable creates a literal network – the blown-up piece of otherwise small and delicate bobbin lace dolly that transgresses it’s size and purpose to remind us of the sustainability’s beauty.

With this piece ‘Corona’ I want to transgress the scale and materiality of traditional lace dolly: blown up about 10x it surpasses it’s use as a shelf decoration to become an independent object in space.

Corona is available for custom order also in other sizes and materials. Contact me to request a quote or make an inquiry.

size: 150cm/5’ dia