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Cultural Center MIREN

Character of the winning proposal at the open competition for the future town center of Miren does not compete with the urban character of the site. It rather uses regional architectural typologies of building volumes, their relations and the materials used and merges them with new technologies.

It adapts to the terrain morphology and with cuts between its parts creates connections between neighboring buildings, upper and lower level, the river and surrounding nature. The central space is created with the outdoor amphitheater to which 3 programatically separated groups are attached.
Facades also reflect the spirit of the Karst region. They are clad in recycled local bricks and stones which create a collage with concrete plates.


Strong emphasis was given to the local heritage when maintaining the regional character by using reclaimed stone and brick on the facade.

humanizing the scale by breaking volumes

program organization

program distribution

connections and views

cross connection – between the city and the river

on the upper level of the square / auditorium

library above the hall

size: 1.700 m2
year: 2010 – expected completion 2015
team: Manca Ahlin, Matjaz Pegan, Helena Toncetic Erzen, Sasa Vuk