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Perseus, Perseids & Beta Persei

Etsy headquarters recently moved to a new location, former industrial building in Dumbo, NYC. They had very strict design guidelines to create a friendly space with furnishings created from salvaged materials or by Etsy sellers and with numerous art installations by local artists. Three of these pieces are rope lace screens that provide a bit of privacy to the few of the glazed offices in the center of the otherwise open floor spaces.
Following the idea of Etsy philosophy as a platform where creatives sell their handcrafts, the lace designs are playing with abstract shapes slightly mimicking knitting structures and people. Incorporated star shaped colorful accents are made of ropes  purchased from various Etsy sellers.



mantzalin-beta-persei-sketchsBeta Persei

size: 4.3m x 2.8m (14′ x 9′)
4.6m x 2.8m (15′ x 9′)
2.8m x 2.8m (9′ x 9′)
material: ~2000m (~6500′) cotton, linen, alpaca, jute, hemp rope, 120 steel anchors
location: Etsy, 117 Adams St, Brooklyn, New York

more info:
fabrication video
Interior Design