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FASHION Consulting Room

The small fashion consulting and VIP room was somehow forgotten during the recent renovation of Emporium – the largest fashion store (with over 100 brands) in BTC, Ljubljana, Slovenia – the largest shopping complex in European Union.

existing condition


The starting point was to design cosy space, which still has to follow the minimalists overall look of the whole store. The outside wall has to catch attention and curiosity of the happening behind it, but still keep the privacy of two customers in the room. Three different versions were designed:

1. minimal structural intervention with custom ribbon-like seating /counter and large rotating neo-baroque mirror

2. more radical move of dressing rooms with incorporated storage and hangers on the sides

3. the middle way

Exterior of the room had to indicate exclusivity of the program inside, keep it private yet inviting.

EPILOGUE: Eventually Emporium management decided to just re-paint the walls and buy new sofas…

year: 2010
status: ON HOLD