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Firefly’s bioluminescent light is the most efficient light in the world. Compared to 10% efficiency of incandescent bulb or 90% of fluorescent bulb, whole 100% of the energy in the chemical reaction is emitted as light of a firefly. Their light is called ‘cold light’ because it produces no heat.
Light pollution in modern environment and habitat destruction are main contributing factors to firefly decline. Fireflies will not migrate to another field if theirs is paved over – they will just disappear forever.

In urban environment we hardly ever notice the moon, stars are almost nonexistent for us and fireflies are becoming a myth.
Firefly wants to remind us of the beauty of the energy in nature. It asks to reconsider the consumerist lifestyle and the consumption of the energy in our daily lives. Digitally designed and handcrafted with reused materials and zero waste, Firefly is the beacon that will lead towards the future with the renewable energy sources.

The process of designing the piece has passed few back-and-forth steps of computer modelling in Rhino and drafting in AutoCAD.
Following was the paper model and after few iterations the painstaking lace fabrication.
The hollow center is filled with LED fairy lights.

Firefly Lamp is available for custom order also in other sizes. Contact me to request a quote or make an inquiry.

size: 120cm/4’H, 20cm/8” DIA