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inLACEd jewelry

Mantzalin’s Inlaced technique combines computer aided architectural design with traditional lace-making techniques to create a new form of contemporary jewelry. By replacing linen material used in traditional lace with precious metal wire, the intricate fabric is transformed into a piece of unique adornment.

Unlike common jewelry designs where the piece of original lace is cast in metal and reproduced in larger quantities, Mantzalin creates each piece from scratch and weaves the metal wire without any shortcuts.
The continuous ‘line’ that is the basic element of Slovenian bobbin lace style, is carefully designed to take into account the shape of the body and consequently the position and fit of the piece of jewelry wrapping the body. After the pattern is determined, each piece is individually executed with a high demand of precision and craftsmanship. This process thus allows various custom adjustments      and the use of custom materials. Every piece is made entirely by hand, therefore slight variations happen among pieces adding character and uniqueness.

The process that begins with a sketch and ends with careful production results in a piece of wearable art that is one of a kind, modern yet timeless metal lace, exemplifying luxury and elegance.


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