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Shoe Bunny

We all wear shoes, some more comfortable, some less. There are many types of gadgets – shoehorns out there to help us put them on, but not so many to help us take them off. Many shoes get ruined nowadays just for the sake of haste when one foot helps another to get the shoe off or we even need an extra pair of hands.

When I was a kid, I would see my grandfather coming out of the stable with his high rubber boots all covered in dung. To take them off without the need to bend down and hold them, he used a home-made wooden bootjack – called ‘a hare’. It has been an indispensable device at any farm, but never seen in a modern home. The new design proposes use of this object also in today’s urban domestic environment.
The new version uses the same principle of design and use as the traditional bootjack – it is just adapted to the contemporary environment and lifestyle with the use of ergonomics and technology. As it is a softer reinterpretation of the rural, hard version, I called it “the shoe bunny”.

The new design has in comparison to the traditional metal and wooden ‘bootjack’, simple uniform shape enabled by industrial manufacturing – casting of various firm and durable materials with softer surface (like recycled rubber or silicone) that are less risky to damage the shoe.

The one-size form of the cut-out is designed to fit any type and size of shoes. The top edge of the cut-out is narrow to grab the ankle part of the shoe while pulling the foot out. The bottom is spacious enough to accommodate any size of heels.

Due to its shape and general use on the floor, the ‘shoe bunny’ can be used also as the wedge to hold doors among other possible applications.


year: 2008
status: PENDING