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Starflower Lace

Another type of a lace installation was created for the Mediterranean restaurant in Astoria, NY. Deep blue MFP rope brings the color and organic shapes into the neutral space and represents the star shaped Borage flower that is used in the Mediterranean cuisine as a herb. The bobbin lace, that is generally used in it’s flat shape, in this space three-dimensionally grows from the shelving behind the bar and follows the irregular elevations of the ceiling soffits and beams to unite the surfaces and emphasize the bar area. When the flowers are dropping down from the ceiling, a more intimate, pergola-like space is created.

size: 8.5m x 4m (26’ x 12’)
material: 700m (2100′) MFP ROPE, 100 STEEL ANCHORS
location: Stix Astoria restaurant
interior design: Archipelagos