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Grapes and Olives Screen

A new Mediterranean restaurant in Chelsea, NYC got a full dose of atmosphere through a handmade rope lace installation evoking images of grapes and olives in the maritime tradition of the Mediterranean. Even though the screen physically separates the dining room and the bar, a visual connection between spaces remains thanks to the reliance on decent amount of the negative space. The usually delicate bobbin lace technique is translated from fine silk thread to the larger dimension of seaman’s heavy hemp rope. The screen was entirely handcrafted by Manca on the floor of the studio, weaving along her lace pattern and using only hammer and nails in lieu of pins.

size: 10.5m x 3m (35′ x 10′)
material: 1.200m (3600′) HEMP ROPE, 149 STEEL ANCHORS
location: Mykonos Blue @  Hotel Hayden, 127 W 28th St, New York
interior design: Archipelagos

The process of fabrication of ‘giga’ size lace could be included in the cross fit training.