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The Good Shepherd

Slovenian church located on the New York’s most bustling East Village street St. Marks celebrated 100 years anniversary in 2016 which also coincides with the Year of Mercy proclaimed by the Pope and symbolized by the Good Shepherd having taken upon his shoulders the lost soul. The idea of the image of the Good Shepherd in it’s more traditional appearance with the sheep came to life when Father Krizolog explained also the way shepherds have taken care of their sheep on the rocky pastures in the Middle East since biblical times and due to my affection towards sheep as the spotty black and white sheep ‘Pika’ was my favorite pet in my Heidi-like childhood.mantzalin-good-shepherd12

First sketches and the photomontage presentation before the twisting and crossing of the ropes began.

size: 2m x 2.3m (7′ x 8′)
material: ~300m (~1000′) sisal rope, 67 steel screws
location: St Cyril’s Church, 62 St Marks Pl, New York

Considering the good will of ‘Padre’ and parishioners to offer me the place in the basement of the church to work on my smelly hemp rope Grapes and Olives Screen it felt only fair to create something in return at this remarkable occasion.