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Three Art Academies, Cetinje

The abandoned industrial site next to the city centre was selected as the best possible location for the new joined art academies campus. Only two buildings were to remain to be renovated – one for Academy of Fine Arts and one as a part of the common building. This one connects all of the academies and their entrances penetrate it in the mezzanine level and thus allow control over the entrance to the separate schools. Buildings are designed in a very pragmatic way, following the very explicit space and light requirements for artistic work and at the same time they keep the industrial appearance of the whole site. All of the ground areas are accessible to the public and together with the concert hall they invite the city onto the grounds and offer a new cultural center to the former capital of Montenegro. location in the abandoned industrial site     section through Academy of Performing Arts COMMON BUILDING     Cafe and Bookstore in the renovated building 4 ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS Academy of Fine Arts in the renovated building 1      drawing studios ACADEMY FOR MUSIC location: CETINJE, MONTENEGRO
year: 2009
status: SETTLED
team: ARCHIPELAGOS / Jonus Ademovic, Manca Ahlin