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Velika plaza / Long Beach

A SUSTAINABLE WATERFRONT COMMUNITY The 13km long beach spreads between the ancient fortress town Ulcinj on the north and the primordial island Ada Bojana on south. In the cca. 1km wide area was to be developed as the luxury vacation destination. 5 zones are designed to provide all the facilities needed: 1. Port Milena marina – the entrance to the zone and the only point with the view of the whole site 2. Lake with sport zone, business and residential high-rise 3. Main zone with 5 modules providing high-rise at the road, vernacular public spaces in the forest openings and resorts enclosed between fortress-like structures and artificial lake 4. Golf course with luxury villas – the transit zone at the edge of the protected forest area 5. Bojana river eco marina with minimal interventions Context The main road that splits the site into two halves literally and metaphorically starts from the Ulcinj’s Old Town and ends in primordial Eden of Ada Bojana. The vision for the Master Plan sprang from the desire to bridge the gap between two distinctive vernacular concepts represented by eternal stones of the Old Town and ephemeral wooden Kalimera Structures along the River Bojana Canal. 1. Port Milena Marina & and Marina Gate Zone  The Marina Gate will be a symbol for Velika Plaza that will be a must see for anyone who visits not only this beach but also any other visitor of Montenegro. Aside from its breathtaking views of Velika Plaza and Ulcinj, it is an excellent location for café(s), restaurant(s), bar(s), and can be an excellent location for an Art Museum.       2. Lakefront Sport and Mixed-Used Area New Lake created by extension of the River Bojana Canal clearly delineates existing Hotel Zone and New Development Zone. It is the Gate to the Velika Plaza for anyone approaching it by planned new bridge. This Transitional Zone will accommodate on one side of the Lakefront various outdoor/indoor sports facilities, and on the other side field of high-rises and lakefront promenade.     3. Module     3a. Roadside Zone -adjacent to the existing Main Road and protected forest, and furthest from the beach. This Mixed-Used Zone will accommodate Hotels and Luxurious Residences. The massing will be determined primarily by the adjacent Forest. 3b. Forest Zone -protected forest zone sandwiched between the existing Main Road zone and the Meadow Zone. This “In between “zone within each module is Limited Development Zone and as such is utilized in the best way as an Entertainment & Leisure Zone. To achieve attractiveness, clustering in the spirit of vernacular urbanity is proposed in the delineated empty zones within the forest.  3c. Meadow Zone -flat empty zone sandwiched between the Forest Zone and Beach Zone. This is the site of Resort Zones. Each Resort Zone is further divided into 3 appx. equal zones size of which is 200m x 200m. These lots can be combined to create larger resorts. Looking at the overall site this zone due to its proximity to the beach is the ideal location for placement of resorts. The drawback is that this is still on average 250 m away from the beach due to the layer of protected greenery along the beach. To counteract this disadvantage and in order to move away from typical resort configuration Super Structure surrounding resort areas is proposed. This Super Structure act as an permeable and inhabitable boundary between Forest Zone and Resort Zone. 3.d Beachfront Narrow band of land between the beach and protected landscape to be utilized as beachfront presence for the resorts in forms of restaurants, clubhouses, etc. Only temporary and light structures will be allowed. There will be clear allotment for each resort to follow the line of their subdivision.   4a. Golf Course and Luxurious Villas Zone Transitional Zone will accommodate Luxurious Villas and the Golf Course. The utmost care has been given to blending in and preservation of existing landscape as this zone sits next to environmentally protected zones. Individual villas next to the golf course are scattered through the forest area. To prevent cutting down trees, buildings are avoiding them and thus creating various openings and individual – custom character of each house.   5.River Bojana Zone In this Zone we propose minimal intervention, only improving on existing condition. We propose creation of elevated boardwalk and floating structures that will accommodate restaurants.   Sustainable Energy Diagram location: ULCINJ, MONTENEGRO
team: ARCHIPELAGOS & AEDAS /Jonus Ademovic, Manca Ahlin, Moeno Wakamatsu, Dominko Blazevic, Primoz Kavcic (sustainability consultant)